Inscription and further information

In our last congress committee meeting, we discussed holding a congress during the present Covid 19 situation amid the accompanying security measures. Besides a congress postponement to 2022, if for legal reasons it cannot take place in 2021, we discussed three congress format options:

1) ‘On site’ congress with reduced number of participants

2) ‘Hybrid’ Version with live and video contributions, accessible digitally or ‘on site’

3) Digital format spread over several time slots and containing a reduced offer of free contributions

Unfortunately, some keynote speakers are unable to travel. However, they will be able to hold their speeches at the congress by video transmission. By end of January 2021, we will learn if and how the congress can take place. Congress inscriptions are welcome from February on. Your reserve helps us keeping administrative costs low for all (for example in the reimbursement case of you already having wired us a congress inscription fee).