Rachel Perkins

Rachel Perkins

Affiliation: As I am now retired I do not affiliated with a single organisation but have a number of roles:

Senior Consultant, ImROC, UK

Co-editor Mental Health and Social Inclusion

Chair, EHRC Disability Advisory Committee UK

Non-executive Director Health Employment Partnership and The Recovery Focus Group, UK

Short description:

Rachel Perkins, BA, MPhil(Clinical Psychology, PhD, OBE

I was employed in the UK National Health Service for over 30 years – initially as a Clinical Psychologist and latterly as Clinical Director and Director of Quality Assurance. During my career, I was centrally involved in closing old long stay institutions and developing more recovery-oriented services. I established the first Recovery College and pioneered the UK development of evidence based supported employment programmes – Individual Placement and Support (IPS) – as well as (award winning) programmes to enable people with mental health challenges to gain employment within mental health services.

Since my retirement from the NHS, I have worked as a senior consultant with ImROC helping organisations to develop more recovery-focused services across the UK and beyond. I am also Chair of the Disability Advisory Committee of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, a non-executive director of Health Employment Partnerships and the Recovery Focus group of charities. I have spoken and published widely on recovery and mental health, co-edit the journal Mental Health and Social Inclusion and sit on various national advisory bodies.

Throughout this time, I have lived with long term mental health challenges that have led me to use both inpatient and community services. This has allowed me to view mental health services both as a provider and as a user of services.

In 2010 I was awarded an OBE for services to mental health and was voted ‘Mind Champion of the Year’.