Recovery stories

Recovery stories are stories of people who describe their lives from their personal point of view, which have been shaped by psychological distress.

These stories can

·         provide confidence and hope

·         inspire others that there are plenty of alternatives

·         encourage understanding and empathy

For authors, describing their recovery story in their own words can

·         promote a reflection of one’s own experience

·         develop a personal language

·         make the own performance visible

·         translate into no longer feeling isolated and being held back by painful feelings such as guilt, shame or not feeling worthy of leading an accomplished life

For the second time, Pro Mente Sana, in cooperation with the International Psychiatric Congress on Mental Health and Recovery, is holding a call for recovery stories. We invite authors to submit their personal recovery story for the 5th International Psychiatry Congress on Mental Health and Recovery. The deadline for submission expired at the end of January 2022. We thank you very much for the numerous submissions!

A jury will review the stories and make a selection. The authors of the selected stories will be given the opportunity to present them during the congress.

The Congress Committee